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Thank you Y&L and SOS & Ashraf Mr Boss.

I activated the software with no problem whatsoever. A lot of users around here need to learn how to COPY/PASTE and pay attention to the instructions they get “NOT ONLY ON THE DOWNLOAD PAGE ONCE DECIDING YOU WANT IT” but also on their email page.

Either way, this seems to be working pretty good for me right now, the program description on here says WINDOWS 10 32/64 bit, but if you go to the software author’s site there is no mention of WINDOWS 10 in the requirements, meaning maybe it is or maybe it isn’t.

I give this one a try, I started out setting it up ONLY USING SETTINGS I KNEW would not hurt my registry. One thing I noticed right away, and that no matter how many times I ran the scan “While I am using Windows 10” a lot of the same registries kept showing up as ERRORS, meaning for some reason or another Windows 10 protected those registry entries which is good. SO I added those entries to the “EXCLUDE” section.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good program, and I finally took the plunge and selected all the options for registry cleaning with it and ran into the same thing where the same registry entries were showing up and never getting removed, so I added them to EXCLUDE and now everything with TOTAL selections seems to be working fine. In other words it’s doing it’s job and so is Windows 10 and my registry is fine.

I tried the Defrag option, it worked with my Windows 10 newest version as of 12-28-2016.

This is a pretty good program, while some may say “NO NEED TO CLEAN THE REGISTRY”, I say : That is like saying there is no reason to stop programs from AUTO LOADING at START THAT YOU DON’T USE, it’s the same thing and a lot of people FAIL to realize this.

Either way, these are my opinions. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!