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Zoolz is a complete farce! This so-called “Future of cloud backup that uses artificial intelligence to backup, discover, organize and protect your data – It’s the Future.” stupidly corrupted 7 terabytes of critical data. The “artificial” needs replacing with “stupid” or similar! We uploaded over 7 terabytes of data taking several months, it took this long due to the performance, but we stuck in there as Zoolz sales explained that it was due to some issues that were being put right, they still have the same poor performance in upload and download speeds.

We noticed that documents we searched for seemed to be missing and asked for Zoolz support to help, this is when we found out that it wasn’t just a few documents that had gone missing, it was a much bigger problem. Zoolz say they have tried to recover our data, but all we get back is no more than constant lame explanations.

We also found out our data was not being backed up in in our country, not even in our region as requested. On further investigation, we discovered Zoolz is based in the middle-east, which immediately escalated to us closing our account and have gone with a more expensive competitor that knows how to operate with integrity.

Learn from our mistake, check on businesses first before trusting them with your data, Zoolz is a very good example of a business who misleads customers!