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This is a little piece of software I already have. It’s very interesting in theory. There’s a free version available, and the only features missing compared to the professional version (which is the one on offer here) is conversion of Word DOC/DOCX files to PDF documents, view and print of PDF documents with external PDF viewer (not sure what that means), and the permission to use the software in commercial organizations.

However I just ran PDF Shaper Free on one PDF e-book I bought from Lulu, and I was very disappointed. I wanted to convert the PDF to RTF text. The result in Word Pad was completely unreadable. I opened the file in Word, and saw that most spaces had been replaced with tabulations. A logical move, since the original text was justified. So I used the Replace function of Word to put spaces back in.

This worked, and the text became readable again, up to a point. However, there were many errors left with no obvious solution through Word, such as added paragraph marks, Web links split in several pieces, footnotes mixed with the text, text boxes not correctly separated and others. The resulting document was not completely readable (even allowing for unpleasant layout of elements), therefore the conversion was useless.

Converting the text in a PDF to RTF text involves much more than this program can do.