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I think I’m stumped! :-(

I’ve followed all the instructions I can follow, and I’ve got TWO screens that are ASKING me for a serial number, but NOT ONE that is SUPPLYING me with one! The CrazyTalk7 install screen wants a serial number, and so does the field at Reallusion.com where I’m supposed to register my product. (I’ve already registered as a Basic Member there.)

The page at http://sharewareonsale.com/s/free-crazytalk-7-100-discount says there’s over 4 days left on this offer, but the various buttons mentioned in http://sharewareonsale.com/discuss/topic/crazytalk-7-dec-28-2016/#post-6651659 — like “the LOGIN YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT TO GET YOUR SERIAL NUMBER button” — are not there! The only instructions at Reallusion.com — like at https://www.reallusion.com/registration_faq_premium.asp — say that I should

“Step 6. Follow the direction to register your product via the serial number.”

WHAT Serial Number???