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I have a license for Zemana Anti-Logger. After installing this anti-malware, the anti-logger seems to have disappeared and this even overlaid that exec file with its own zam file so that when I try to launch the anti-logger, it launches the anti-malware! WTF! Is that normal?

Just sharing this here to help anyone else who may have run into this issue.

I checked with Zemana directly and in short, this is what they said: “AntiLogger 2.0 already completely includes AntiMalware and provides much more than it.” Therefore, if you have AntiLogger 2.0 or higher DO NOT install their AntiMalware! Because it had ‘taken over’, I had to uninstall both items, download a fresh copy of AntiLogger and reinstall it. Not drastic but an unnecessary chore nonetheless.

I greatly appreciate this site and Zemana’s software but it appears disingenuous to not have this information stated prominently in the software description on both their site and any offerings of either software on this site or others. As it is now, one could go on the Zemana site and buy both packages not knowing both are unnecessary.