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I’ve been using “XP Pro”, on the same “Intel Pentium 4” machine, since 2006 with integrated “Intel” graphics. When I bought this machine the “Intel” graphics were state of the art, up to that point, but technology advanced rapidly, as it normally does in this era, and the integrated “Intel” graphics became obsolete rather quickly. As such the integrated “Intel” graphics does not support, any version of, Pixel Shader.

Yes, I know, I need to upgrade to a Windows 7 machine with a graphics card that will support Pixel Shader; it’s just not possible, at this time. Why not Windows 8 or 10? My theory is this, “If you want/need a mobile OS then use 8 or 10; if you need/want a computer OS then use XP or 7.”

It is understood that “Mass Effect 2” is compatible with most, if not all, Window OS, however, it would be nice to know information that “Mass Effect 2” requires “Pixel Shader 3” so that people like me with early integrated graphics would know that installing “Mass Effect 2” is a lost cause. No, I did not attempt to download; I researched system requirements before doing that. Not sure why “System Requirements” is not listed for “Mass Effect 2” as it is for most all other “SoS” offerings.

Thank you, for listening. If anyone knows of a way to fix my “Pixel Shader” problem without a machine or OS upgrade I’d love to hear from you; from everything I’ve read it’s just not possible.