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Frist of all: Sorry for my bad Englisch!

And: Thanks for let let test Users this Programm for Free!

Is it Throuth, that it is only an 1-Year-Licensens?

The Programm as it selfs looks very nice – Compliment, also the (Main-Progamm) Translation in German is nearly perfect.

Nevermind, that Issu, that the Update to the actally Version dosen’t work. Downloading from Website and new Registration works fine (for me).

BUT: I have a paid Version bevore and with installing the Update my Licencens doesn’t work anymore!

And, I think, thats a “No Go”: In the Further Version (thats The only Reason why i did update) the Plug-In for Firefox was blocked (because their Restiktions – you know!)

In the actually Version the Plug-In is no longer blocked, but it also dosen’t work! You knew why? The Reason is, that Firefox 64bit isn’t compatible with this Plug-In.

I think: Most of the aktually Hardware works in 64bit-Modus and so it’s normal to profit and use Browsers that work on this Base as possible.

I hope you’ll understand and make your Programm compatible. Good Luck!

Best wishes from Germany and Thanks,