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Frist of all: Sorry for my bad Englisch!

And: Thanks for let let test Users this Programm for Free!

Is it Throuth, that it is only an 1-Year-Licensens?

The Programm as it selfs looks very nice – Compliment, also the (Main-Progamm) Translation in German is nearly perfect.

Nevermind, that Issu, that the Update to the actally Version dosen’t work. Downloading from Website and new Registration works fine (for me).

BUT: I have a paid Version bevore and with installing the Update my Licencens doesn’t work anymore!

And, I think, thats a “No Go”: In the Further Version (thats The only Reason why i did update) the Plug-In for Firefox was blocked (because their Restiktions – you know!)

In the actually Version the Plug-In is no longer blocked, but it also dosen’t work! You knew why? The Reason is, that Firefox 64bit isn’t compatible with this Plug-In.

I think: Most of the aktually Hardware works in 64bit-Modus and so it’s normal to profit and use Browsers that work on this Base as possible.

I hope you’ll understand and make your Programm compatible. Good Luck!

Best wishes from Germany and Thanks,

Dear Customer,
This giveaway license limit the update, if you do not update, you may use it for free at any time.
If you bought our lifetime license code, you will enjoy free update and support for lifetime.
Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion, we will consider to add this feature in the future.
Best Regards