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The concept might be useful, but in order to decide there really has to be some finishing work done on the interface.

The software is not high-DPI aware, and as a result bits of text are cropped out of their interface box.

The menu icons are weird and look very much alike.

The “open agenda” interface on the right panel is useless, childish and ugly.

The popups opening when hovering over the results are not self-explanatory — and ugly (all that grey background…).

Weird font with no alternative choice.

No explanation given on what seems to be an alternative browser used, which is a bit disquieting, since so much of one’s privacy and security depends on the browser, and making a browser safe is a whole job in itself.

Help and examples of use are sorely needed on the site.

All in all, I’m not even sure I’m going to experiment with this software after having jumêd through the hoops of double download, install and register. A 5 day trial (regular offer on the developer’s website) is a ridiculously short span of time, especially with such a program. Note : I’m really after an application which could help me pull better search results.