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Very disappointing. Half of the time it doesn’t work, the workflow is not intuitive at all and it’s not high DPI-aware.

This type of program looks simple because it doesn’t need to do much, therefore there are score of lookalikes on the market and developers think it’s easy to get it right. It’s not.

1. Not high DPI-aware : this can be partly corrected by adjusting some of the UI fonts in the options menu, but some fonts and icons remain way too small.

2. Sometimes items from the demo file would paste in my document, sometimes not. I could not make out whether this is a downright bug, or whether it is due to the program expecting the user to have a behaviour different from what he will do on instinct. Anyway, if I haven’t been able to figure out after ten minutes how to paste successfully everytime, it means at the very least that the design is faulty.

3. Poor usability. Software goes against what a user would normally do. You can’t ask the user to remember keyboard shortcuts for such an accessory piece of software. I have hundreds of programs on my PC, and countless developers seem to think that I will only be using their product, so my memory is all theirs. This one, immediately after launching his program, tells you you need to select and remember two shortcuts.

Unusual and badly positioned help panels, which disappear exactly when you would need them to stay, and get in the way of the action. No way to de-activate them, apparently, once you’ve mastered the product (hopefully).

The developer couldn’t make his mind whether the menu should be in the system tray or in a full window, so he put in both. The two alternate entry systems are badly coordinated and confusing. One of them has a name impossible to comprehend : “String selection dialog box”. People don’t paste “strings” in their documents.

I’m in the market exactly for this type of software. That’s the sort of thing I’d like to do. Unfortunately, this particular program is unfinished work.