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This is a powerful program (and an incredible deal), however it comes with a few warnings. First of all, be aware that if you install any of the promotional, free versions of Ashampoo programs, you will be bombarded from now on with ads for the commercial versions from the Ashampoo line. And not only with mail-sent adverts, for which there are counter-measures. You’ll also get pop-ups at launch generated from within the software.

While this might be an acceptable quid-pro-quo, especially given that many of those ads will be offering big discounts relative to the list price, you certainly need to take this into account.

The other point is that this program is chock-full with features. While this might obviously a good thing if you need them, be advised that if you do basic screen grabs, this piece of software gets in the way. The workflow is neither obvious nor unobtrusive. It needs learning. You will be looking for the functions you want and you’ll have trouble fending off multiple unwanted functions in the process.

The developers tried to alleviate this by including some forced help screens at specific points in the workflow. Although they can be de-activated, they tend to be either too much or too little.