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Ayman A R

Thank you very much for the constructive feedback. All notes taken. It’s good to hear from users, because some features would never cross our mind. For example, having the window open in the lastly saved dimensions sounds convenient for the user, and easy to actually implement.

Just a few points:

1) lowpricessmith.net : I have absolutely no idea what that is, nor how you are reaching it. Can you tell me more? Probably it’s something by Sharewareonsale? Or maybe a virus on your machine :-)

2) In fixed layout, since items are positioned in certain x,y position, you enter text by first inserting a Text Container. You will find this among the tools on the right.

3) Once a chapter layout is set, you can’t convert it to another layout. Both have different ways of implementing the code behind them, and so you can’t just convert from one to the other. You can create a new chapter with the new layout instead.

Thanks again, and feel free to email us for any further suggestions at info@kotobee.com