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Chuck K

Strange I bought WinOptimizer 12 a couple years ago direct from Ashampoo as well as a couple others that are offered “free” here. So am I correct to assume that WinOptimizer 2017 is less of a program than the latest WinOptimizer 14 (I believe that is the current version)? Since I bought the other few programs from Ashampoo I always get emails saying to upgrade to the latest version. So is this some kind of trickery or something? I mean two different versions ie. 2017 and 14. Which one is the actual real software? Seems if you buy direct you have to pay to upgrade anyway. If you upgrade 2017 you pay to upgrade. Something just doesn’t add up here. Where is a COMPLETE list of the modules for both versions? What are you not getting in 2017 as opposed to their 14? They should drop the BS and offer what they offer for sale on their site for free and if you like it you can upgrade it when the new version comes out. Like I say something doesn’t make any sense. lol