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Let me give you some simple tips, so as to avoid pointless and stupid software like the above.
1. delete everything in %temp% folder. 2. delete everything in %appdata%. 4. If you have a sata drive defrag it once a month unless heavily used, in which case, optimise it. It will take a number of hours depending on disc size, but the wait is worth it, do it when you go to bed. If you have an SSD never defrag it, otherwise you will end up destroying it. an SSD can never become fragmented anyway. 4. Never try to defragment or delete stuff from the registry, leave it alone. If you need to add to it, make sure you know what your doing. Registry cleaners along with system cleaners are nothing but snake oil rubbish. If you do the above once a month or less, depending on your needs.
You can even make a simple batch file up to do all these things for you in no time, in fact by doing all the above, it takes less than 30 seconds when you all you know , is you have to delete 2 folders every so often, and then defrag the hard drive if its a sata simples guys!