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Oh, and I almost forgot, m : more powerful option, restore your system to an older Windows restore point. If you used Revo to install this piece, of, er… code, normally it would have made a restore point before installing. Other similar uninstallers should have done that too.

You can ask Windows to tell you what programs would be deleted if you reverted to a specific restore point. There’s also a restore function in Revo, which you might try to use. See if the program is listed there. I have never used it, so I could not tell you more about it.

Also, if you have a recent complete image backup of your system, done either with Windows or with a third party program, you could restore that. That’s the nuclear option and works very well — of course you’ll lose everything changed in-between (except documents, if they are separate).

Most important would be to make sure you get rid of the registry changes, not only the files. If this is a rogue program, or simply a badly behaved or badly written one, this would be especially important. Security programs are known for being difficult to uninstall. Legitimate, big-name anti-virus often have their dedicated, custom, free uninstall tools that you need to download separately. Fly-by-night programs, not so much.