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Dear Clairvaux,

Thank you for the very important issues.

First of all, it pretends to be both an anti-spyware product, and an encrypted messaging product. Who’s ever heard of such a combination ? What’s the logic of sticking both together ? The developer does not say. He doesn’t even attempt to explain.

We do explain all of this in our video lessons https://covert-pro.com/video/. We have combined these two functions only a year ago. Our users often asked the question of how secure their messages after sending from their computer. Covert Pro protects or not messages outside of the computer.
We analyzed the market of messengers and realized that all popular products are very vulnerable because of their centralized architecture. Our messenger is the most secure because of its architecture – principles of operation. Our customers messages can not be intercepted during their writing (by keyloggers and screenshoters), but also on the way to the recipient. I.e. we were able to ensure privacy for confidential communication.

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Protecting against spyware is only remotely related to privacy. It is primarily a security concern.

When someone reads all your posts in which you talk about your feelings or tell confidential information about your health, it all has direct relation to privacy.And every person has the right to privacy of his personal correspondence.


Are they sandboxed, which is the technical term the author seems to ignore ?

No we are not a sandbox. We use a different technology.


Then he proceeds to test that same SINGLE piece of malware against 40 other applications, only now we’ve switched to anti-virus programs, and he doesn’t say why.

We show how any user can carry out their own testing any spyware without specialized knowledge and training. It is very simple. We do not test spyware. It makes independent and popular website http://virscan.org/. We show how our program protects against malicious. And we have done it with many spyware.
Test our COVERT Pro. Install spyware. Go to the COVERT Pro secure platform and write something in a Notepad. Then exit the platform and check the spyware logs. It’s very simple.

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Bizzarely, when you dig deeper, it now claims to detect rootkits as well, which are a different type of beast, and much more difficult to hunt. So this should be advertised upfront, shouldn’t it ? It’s not.

You’re right, we don’t advertise very powerful COVERT Pro tools for finding and removing malicious code. We believe that the majority of our users need a safe environment to work and they do not want to search for malicious software. Therefore, in our interface, such a big button to enter the secure platform. This is for those who are bored to study other aspects of information security. But we have a lot of users who provide services to find malicious software on the computers of their clients.They use our tools to quickly find malicious software only.

6. “

So the developer should make that a major selling point, and shout his achievements from the rooftops, right ? Wrong. There’s almost nothing on that part of the product on his site. No encryption technology whitepaper, no explanation about what it does better than competitors or how it does it. It does not even say what that “instant messenger with encryption” does, apart from the fact that it’s there.

Enough detailed information about the messenger can be found in the video lessons “About messendger” and “Getting started” https://covert-pro.com/video/ and on the pages https://covert-pro.com/about-messenger/ and https://covert-pro.com/download_messenger/.
And as mentioned earlier, our messenger is a supplement for those who really need to transfer confidential information. For messages such as “How are you” there are many excellent instant messengers. Our messenger is not needed for this.

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However, we do learn, on SoS site (not on the developer’s site), that “immediately after reading, your message will be deleted from the server”. What ?!? What server ? Do you mean that my confidential messages will go to a server you control, about which you say nothing, through an application you explain about zilch ? Now wait a minute, isn’t that the very definition of spyware ?

Please read the information that I have posted in the previous point. We do not know another messenger in the world that allows you to send messages through the client server. All forwarded messages go through vendor servers, where messages are stored and can be hacked and read. We allow to specify a server which controls the user in the settings.

Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to your comments