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Key provided is not a “real” registration code? According to the developer the one provided on SOS is a “test key” with limitations. Not sure what will happen other than the obvious limited number of server modules, but this does not appear to be a “Pro” license.

From the publishers site:
“For convenience the license key is entered in a license manager in LiteManager Viewer module (Main menu, Help – License management). If you need to purchase a license key for servers belonging to one organization and the remote access should be used by another organization, then the license key can be transferred to the latter for use (only for access to these servers) The transfer must be confirmed by written consents from two organizations.

To check how the license manager works, you can use a free test key for one server.

Test key on one channel (test): the key has a test limit, it does not eliminate the restriction on the number of server modules.