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John Doe

I do not agree with the statement “TNR Utilities is the perfect line of defense against users using your equipment malicously.”.
I tested this tool and blocked notepad.exe, and yes, starting of notepad.exe was not possible anymore. But after renaming notepad.exe to notepad1.exe this application was able to run again, of course with process name notepad1.exe displayed in the taskmanager. So anybody who can change the file names can circumvent this protection.
It should be rather the opposite way: this tool should prevent the execution of any process except for a list of allowed processes (white list). And to prevent that a malicious user just renames e. g. virus.exe to e. g. notepad.exe (or any process on this white list) it should also document the hashes (e. g. md5) of the allowed processes.
I uninstalled the tool again, no value add for me.