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Ashraf, I wanted to say that I am not complaining, these giveaways are FREE and don’t cost anyone anything to get them. But I must say that lately it seems that Shareware on Sale has been giving away nothing but recover software or PDF software or things that most people could care less to use.

I would like to make a request, it would be nice to see Gilsoft’s Ram Drive giveaway again, I haven’t seen that one in a while. Yeah I could buy it, but then again, the reason I ask is to not get it for free, I ask because the last time I did not have much time to try it out as my computer completely failed, I had a complete computer failure. But now I have a new one and would like to give it a try, but the trial is not long enough and to be honest, I as many others are not interested in disabled giveaways, or things like “Halfway works” and or “Works for a little while so you’d better try it NOW OR ELSE” type of software’s.

Either way, thank you for the giveaway Ashraf, MR BOSS! Although I do wonder if your giveaways are “EXCLUSIVE”???