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If you do a search for this giveaway of Version 10.5, you will see that it was originally (latest) posted on Feb16/2017 at pcsoftmag. Probably was corresponding with O&O giveaway page, and which is now expired (and most giveaway do not last for a long time). Unless O&O are (will be) running a new campaign (hint O&O come on step up to the plate here) there is nothing to see here at this moment.

Looks like this is a snafu and no reason to rant at da boss or Sharewareonsale or German sites. Which brings to mind a saying, ” a day late and a dollar short to get, de nada”. One last and important thing for most of you to consider, with all the decent free programs these giveaway sites have provided or linked to, why complain, or bitch over one?? With that being said, too amusing some of your responses to an over and done giveaway!

Cheers ;)