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I’d like to suggest that these companies stop and think for a moment about all the potential users they lose because they refuse to offer a product that works without having to have an online connection. In this day and age there are still thousands of us who are unfortunately stuck in areas where there is no internet connection and I am one of them. The only time I can do anything is when I am at work and my time is limited unfortunately, and as well because it is nearly impossible to find anything that doesn’t require you to have an internet connection to “confirm” or to download a bigger program, or to get necessary files in order to run the bigger program that requires an internet connection. We used to do it not that long ago, so why? Why does it have to be this way? It’s nonsensical because instead of downloading one file, you’re downloading two and additionally drawing off of another server almost constantly whereas it used to be you downloaded the file and updated when you could. Ridiculous!