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Dan L

Buyer Beware! A word of caution: If you try Sticky Password and don’t like it (and I hated it), you must manually uninstall the Sticky Password add-ins to your browsers BEFORE you uninstall Sticky Password from your computer. You uninstall the add-ins from within Sticky Password, hence the need to uninstall them before you uninstall the Sticky Password program.
I realize that whether or not you like a specific password manager is largely a matter of personal taste (much like food). But my educated guess is many people who try it will want to abandon Sticky Password. I tried it for a week and it was a bit of a nightmare to use. Fortunately, Roboform had issued the BETA of its version 8 which is a massive improvement over previous versions — and it’s free for the first time. They also added the ability to import your passwords, etc. from other password managers as well as to export them. All in all, I suspect that for many users, Roboform or another password manager will be a much better choice than Sticky Password.