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Nick H

[ @Nabil]

Thanks for this, in this day and age online security is a must, so I’m looking forward to trying this VPN out.

The SOS Downloader failed, again.

The downloader stated that the original download attempt had failed and that I needed to do so manually to proceed. I clicked on the appropriate button and a manual download started, shortly after that the downloader started a second download! I have two complete files – Seed4.Me VPN.exe from the manual download and SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Seed4.Me_VPN.exe from the downloader. I’ve installed the former, if it doesn’t work I’ll try the other version.

Ashraf – the downloader is still a real pain, I don’t know why you persist in forcing it on Windows users, I note that other OS users don’t need to put up with it. Other downloading sites have had notorious and long-term issues when they force a downloader on users – Amazon, eMusic for example.