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Only 7 days trial.I signed up,used the support teams link from my email to register.I thought it was for 6 months,haven’t recieved a response from support about it yet.Not complaining,just an observation. I’ll be using 32bit W10 Enterprise OS to tunnel manually,so I’ll not using the app,I guess my question is,how do you get the 6 month trial for that? Thank you

Dear mr. hex!

No problem, we will provide you with free 6 months of VPN. There may be a delay due to significant amount of “top up” requests, but we will try to handle them as fast as we can. Me personally going to jump on our Ticket system to make things move faster.

Since you are using manual VPN setup we will also add 3 simultaneous connections to you (it’s free too).

Thank you for your patience! Always at your service,
Alex & Seed4.Me team.