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Patrick Calcoen

Dear Ashraf,

Thanks for your reply. I uninstalled Phototheca (GOTD version) completely using iOBit uninstaller and reinstalled it from scratch, following instructions to the letter (even getting a “Thank you for installing (etc)” from the developer) and your mail with instructions.

To no avail! I do not even get the “Register” and “Cancel” buttons on screen.

As I stated in my firt post I run Win 10 Home Edition etc. (forgot to mention using Chrome – which should not make any difference).

I was thinking I had to open an account with the developer but I only find “Download free version” (or similar line among their other offers). Before using the GOTD-version for the n-th time I tried that one too but encountered the same problem (so deleted it also).

I’m at my wit’s end and will have to let this offer pass as it seems totally impossible even to tegister it let alone trying it…

Any more suggestions are wellcome but I fear they will not reach me before te offer runs out.
Thanks anyway!