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Hi everybody! :-)

I scanned the setup.exe of this program and its installation folder with windows 10 defender, superantispyware free, Malwarebytes antimalware 2, emsisoft emergency kit, gridinsoft antimalware: no problems.
I sent the setup.exe to virustotal, metadefender, jotti: no problems.
Virscan wasn’t available…

This is a good alternative to windows device manager, piriform speccy, wise system monitor (and wise care 365), belarc advisor and similar programs.

Problems and resolutions (AKA suggestions to the developer):
1) After the program setup.exe was downloaded, MS internet explorer 11 said “The publisher of [this program] couldn’t be verified.”.
Therefore, when the program starts, the user account control window (when the UAC is enabled, obviously) appears and says “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?”.
I.e., there isn’t a valid certificate.
The obvious suggestion is to add a valid certificate.
2) Some information in its windows is cut.
I can’t either resize the columns or resize the main window.
And the balloon tips won’t even appear.
Hence my suggestion is to add balloon tips and/or to be able to resize columns (and the main window).
3) There are too much useless information.
My suggestion is to consider to create two modes: simple mode with only useful and less information, advanced mode like it already is.
4) Given that there are already valid free alternatives, consider to halve the price of your software.