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I bought a life time subscription to this program a few years back, a few days later i also bought a new laptop i was leaving soon after on a long vacation and needed to have the laptop with me ,i installed this program on it just in case i got infected while i was away, the installation went ok without problems and i made backup of the LT ,one the second day of the vacation on the other side of the world i turn on the LT and could not get pass this program for anything , I had configure it to start with windows ,i tried everything i knew and much i was not sure about ,i even tried to reinstall the OS from the manufacturers partition, there i could not get to either , the computer never booth further than loading this program then everything freeze and went blank eventually i took it to a shop in the city the guys there had never had anything like this either it took them four days to eventually reformat the HD and put a new copy of the OS on it all of with cost me a quite a bit of money , the backup that i had made was back home .I still use this program today on all my computers and it works great, i love the program I can recommend it, it does what it say it would do just be careful and dont leave home without your backup dvd .