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Mark Magill

INSTALLED FINE for me on Windows 10 (build 1607). Used user name “ArtPlus” and code given as per instructions. Just for kicks (and to see if it would work) I entered “Magill Family” as I do in other programs in the “Company Name” – it did not mind at all. Maybe in the post before mine that entered “N/A” it considered the backslash as invalid?

Anyway, the program is simple, reasonably intuitive, and easy to use. I am a K-12 computer lab instructor and doubt any students above grade 2 would have any difficulties with it. It’s a very small program, and uses very few system resources.

DEVELOPER: A simple template with black/white weekend background colors (instead of them all being red) would help inexperienced users As an experienced user, I was able to change them fairly easily, but it might not be so for a new user.

Thank you!