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Virus total flagged this as “Cerber.Ransomware”….. It was just one of all of them that flagged it, so I thought “Probably a FALSE POSITIVE”, but upon trying to install it “Zemana Anti-Malware that I use flagged it also.

Even if it’s a false positive, the thing is while I appreciate the giveaway concept and all of those things, 1 hit is acceptable, but 2 is unacceptable from completely various sources.

I should mention, I have tried this software in the past and the last time it was offered it caused all types of weird problems with my PC, and by that I mean in the way it was trying to work while being used.

Either way, these are my opinions on this software. Thank you for the offer but NO THANKS in this ones case and I only mention it here because in this particular situation I find it rather better to contact the provider rather than the distributor so to speak.

One last thing, I am quit aware that some low end programmers use OPEN SOURCE COMPILERS for their software and that it gets flagged because of it as a false positive. But in this ones case, the fact that it got hit over and over on Windows 10 could either be a WINDOWS 10 NOT COMPATIBLE case, or a false positive. I have no idea.

Those are my OPINIONS and THOUGHTS on this software, you said to mention them and there they are.