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Hello again

I am quite a bit confused by the License type. As per the site:
-Iris Pro costs $10. Lifetime for 1 version
What does this mean exactly?
If one bought it on 30 April: v0.9.0.4 was issued 24.4.2017, does it mean v0.9.0.5 is not covered by the same RegKey?
Even worse, v0.9.0.6 from later on 5.5.2017 is not covered if one bought it early on 5.5.2017 when v was issued ?!!!

Went through the whole changelog list from 23.3.2015 to now, some times 2 to 3 versions are issued the same day !!! … Does one have to pay for each one? True, one does not “have” to upgrade, but really … if the version one buys is full of bugs, we are stuck w it !!
Please tell me this can’t be right!!! If it is, I can’t afford it!
Never heard of such restricted Policy.