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[@dan] Good question. Answer: Because any benefits from using a RAM Disk are outweighed by the disadvantages. RAM Disks REDUCE the amount of memory available to THE SYSTEM AS A WHOLE and compete with Windows itself for determining the most efficient use of system resources. I trust Microsoft’s system memory and resource management far more than this grossly over-priced “solution” claiming to address a non-existent “problem”. If, for example, you use it to speed up your Internet browser (which it actually can do), you will SLOW DOWN all other applications, in addition to the Operating System itself!

For those who want to experiment for themselves, AMD Radeon offers FREE RAM DISK basic software (up to a 4GB RAM Disk) as well as paid versions whose highest price is still less than HALF of today’s offering. http://www.radeonramdisk.com/software_downloads.php