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Thank you for the giveaway! I can see potential in this software. It has features to secure passwords you may need to remember later, but as some have stated by today’s standards Keepass can do all that.

Some things I didn’t like about this software :
1st – You are forced to enter a master password. While some might think this is essential to securing your data, if you are a person like me that has an encrypted drive and has to already type one master password, typing another one is irritating.

2nd – The obvious is the lack of integration with browsers, considering using IE/EDGE/OPERA/CHROME/FIREFOX and the way that they can remember those passwords if setup right, why would you want to go that extra step and use this software to SAVE the passwords for you. Let me elaborate : The browsers save the passwords, which in most cases you can export them, why save them in a second software database which 1st would make it not only portable, but also easy to copy.

3rd – Why would anyone want to use this for a password program when it doesn’t have browser integration? I mean it’s literally a safe storage password keeper.

I think this software is on the right track, although I get the impression that it is tweaking OPEN SOURCE software and adding to it. Which there is nothing wrong with that because that is what it is there for. But the main problem I have with this software is that quite honestly, it looks upon opening it like “STICKY PASSWORD” with the exception of the skin that STICKY PASSWORD uses. JUST MY OPINION!

On a SIDE NOTE, the problem with KEEPASS for those PRAISING how great they think it is because it is free is : “You have to trust the people creating the plugins to make it useful” and those plugins ARE NOT REGULARLY UPDATED. I tried KEEPASS, tried the OneDRIVE Plugin and had to give it all types of permissions I DID NOT NOR SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO GIVE just to have it send a password to my browser, on top of that I had to figure out how to install HTTP “WHICH IS UNSECURED BY THE WAY” to allow it to talk with my browser. KEEPASS is really a joke until it is fully integrated with all browsers.

So I am only going to say THESE ARE MY OPINIONS and Thank you to the author of this software and Sharewareonsale, I can see this being useful to someone who doesn’t mind going through multiple steps to copy/paste their passwords and such things, but to use it in a live real setting it’s just too much to make it plausible.

Create an app to integrate it into browsers would be my suggestion, and make it a PASSWORD ONLY thing would be my main suggestion for this software, all that extra stuff while being an OPTION is alright, the thing is people just want their passwords managed.

And like I said, having to type a master password in my situation or most peoples situation is just a BIG PAIN! Most people have to log into their systems these days, being burdened with a second login is more than I can bare.

JUST MY OPINION! Thank you for allowing me to try this software.