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Thank you Gilsoft & ShawareOnSale/Ashraf!!!!

This is one great software to get. For those of you wondering, yes you can have your Ramdrive using options stay resident if you want to in the options settings even after you lose power on your PC or restart/reboot/PC goes to sleep.

I use this to run my Opera browser cache on the ram disk in ram making my browser super fast.

How to do this? It’s simple, I use the Opera browser and it works like Chrome because it’s based on the same engine now. More information can be found here for those wanting to know :


That’s a great tutorial on how to do that.

Special thanks to Mr BOSS! ASHRAF!!!!!!!!! Thank you SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been a real life saver the last couple of weeks!!!!!!

I asked about 3 weeks ago in a comment if it was possible to have Shadow Defender and in another comment Gilsoft RamDisk as a giveaway again, and BAM THEY SHOWED UP!!!!!!! Thank you sir! I am a poor man and someday want to purchase these softwares, but right now I just cannot. It is a real blessing for you to make these available! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May I make one more request Ashraf? And that would be XARA, I had it but lost it and other giveaways in a hard drive crash, nobody has that giveaway anymore and the license I managed to recover said “It’s been used too many times or some type of thing”. Either way, no complaints from me! THIS IS AN AWESOME SOFTWARE if you know how to use it correctly, just make sure to make the proper settings in options and in some cases RUN YOUR BROWSER AS ADMINISTRATOR to make sure it has the priveledges to write to the ramdisk you creat!

Thanks again!!!