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This is something of an update. It seems that if I close the program first (such that it no longer appears in the Systray), that delay and error message upon closing Windows will not occur. Further, I have used the feature in periodic giveaway Win Utilities Pro that is equivalent to “Startup Cop” to prevent Ant Download Manager from auto-loading after Windows boots. I know this may partly undercut the utility of the download manager, not having it there automatically in the background all the time, but I would much rather summon it on demand anyway. As things stood, it was popping up too often when it was not wanted, clashing with the very good DownThemAll extension I have in Firefox, and sometimes destabilizing the browser. (That extension does not attempt to make any decisions for you. It’s just there, if you choose to use it.) You can direct some of Ant’s behavior, like telling it to ignore certain file types or websites, but for my use this way is much better. The main reason I wanted Ant in the first place was for video capture from websites that typically prevent it. I’ve gone through a number of capture programs like Tubedigger and Jaksta that may work in some cases but not in others. So it was time to see what Ant could do on that score.