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John Doe

I tested this tool, and all in all I’m pretty satisfied with it. Good quality of the exported DOCX file.

Anyway, a few things to improve:

The “About”-button opens http://pdfconverters.net/contact.html in the browser.
I had rather expected a static window which provides a name like “All PDF converter” and the version number.
Actually, which is the version number?

Main window is not resizable, even though the mouse cursor shape changes into a kind of “resizing possible” suggesting shape when you hover the mouse over the lower right corner of the main window.

The window that opens when you click on settings is slightly too small, because the OK button does not completely fit into the visible window. My PC’s screen resolution is Full HD (1920×1080).

You can change the language, but when you close and reopen the program, it always return to English.
The document language of the exported DOCX-file was Russian, so when you open it in MS-Word, the spell checker complains about non-available Russian dictionaries (“MISSING PROOFING TOOLS – This document contains text in Russian which isn’t being proofed. You may be able to get proofing tools for this language” … “There are too many spelling errors to continue displaying them”). I recommend to use either English or even better the language used in “All PDF converter”‘s UI language.