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I have used Mailwasher since the 1st version nearly 20 years ago. It’s the first program I install on a new computer after Thunderbird and Pale Moon. The yearly fee is more than worth it to me (although earlier versions were a one-time sale) since it’s used on both my personal rig and several office computers. We get unbelievable amounts of spam on my boss’s company account (he got caught up in the recent Linkedin hack)and MW makes it easy to clear out the garbage before actually downloading any mail. If you take a little time any pay attention, you can train it to do most anything. You can blacklist or whitelist domains or individuals, use wildcard & regex filters for incoming emails, set it to learn to recognize spam, and so on. The only thing I haven’t found how to do so far is create a custom filter by repeat subject (spams with identical subject lines from different senders). You can train it to filter for specific things in email addresses (viagra etc)and auto dump them into delete/blacklist. I highly recommend it to anyone that sees a lot of spam in their email. Once you’ve ID’d all the junk and ticked off the Delete and/or Blacklist boxes, click Wash Mail and it’s all gone so you can retrieve the real messages.
My only complaint is that I renewed 2 days ago, only to find it offered as a freebie here today….