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Thank you ZD Soft & SharewareOnSale/Ashraf Mr Boss!!! This is the best screen recorder I have ever used, and I have tried them all. I had the previous version of this software so I am familiar with how to use it and was wondering if there is a setting somewhere to turn off the intro screen? While this is really no big deal and I can see it being useful for those who are not familiar with the software, for me I have no need for it as I am already familiar with the software and it uses.

Some feature suggestions :

1- It would be nice if the screen recorder software could add motion detection for the webcam recording feature and an option to turn that on or off, this would give it an additional feature where it could use your webcam as a security camera.

2 – A nice addition would be a “COPY TEXT ONLY” feature to save as a TXT file for further editing rather than just a screen shot. This would be a handy feature for example “If you are needing to aquire a bunch of links from a page at the same time and have a need to copy/paste them later which you can’t do from an image file without having to type the address. While I know you can do this by highlighting the text and “SAVE AS”, it would be nice to just put a window over the text and press a button to save text this was to a text file.

3 – What would really be a nice feature to add would be an option to where you could “BLACK OUT” the whole screen with the exception of the “CAPTURE REGION BAR”, this way you could watch just the video you are capturing and not have to watch surrounding adds on screens. Something like the software “Zorro” does.

Thanks again!