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Father Richard

[@Mick] “You did it again, Ashraf.” You got a valuable piece of software for free for us to try and use. The owners of this software are having trouble making it work for some or all of the SOS community. As we thank you for your on-going work to give us free valuable software, would you please check on the problem with activating this software as there seems to be a problem with the deal you worked out for us. Thank you for this deal and every other one. When I buy software, sometimes I have a problem getting it to do what the label says. I would like to try this interesting piece of software but will not imply that you owe me anything. Thanks for getting this offer to this point. I know you did not take so much of your time with any intent for it not to work smoothly. I know you do not control the author’s side of these offerings. I know you will do your best to fix this problem. Thank you.