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This program EXPIRED for me. I had a giveaway (from another site) of a previous version of SD and had it for a year or so. Loved it. I came here and seen that there was an updated version compatible with the Windows Creator Update. I thought great, I’ll install it over my older giveaway. IT EXPIRED 1+ MONTH LATER. I tried to open it and it asked for a password. I uninstalled it and retried the setup I had gotten here 1+ month earlier and it refused to install (that was expected).

So my question is this, why are you calling this a “giveaway” when it’s nothing more than a time limited 1 month demo? How many other programs/games on this site are the same? I would have never “updated” if I would have known the program would expire a month later! I’ve had no system changes other than Windows updates. The program was simply timed to expire. I wish I wouldn’t have lost this software!

I’m not sure who to blame, this site (did you know it would expire?) or the author (was this done on purpose?).