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After adjusting several settings, this has become a useful addition to the roster of download options here. (I tossed IDM a while ago, due to some unacceptable behavior . . . .) A few annoyances from Ant remain, however. It seems to ignore the setting to NOT check for updates. My standard assumption is that an update may invalidate your free license, so this is very possibly something to watch out for. Ant also has a mixed record on obeying your Exclusion List. (There seem to be TWO places to enter such exclusions ?) Works for some sites or files, but not for others. This can be intrusive. I have another very good download manager — as a browser extension — which I prefer to use for certain things, and sometimes there is a clash. Ant really should be settable to stay out of your way until you want or need it, but this is not always the case. All of my other download tools are much better behaved, on that score. They don’t “jump in unbidden and hog the stage.” The developers might want to consider that. I also have some specialized tools for locating and grabbing videos that do not particularly want to be found. There have been occasions where I thought I might have to uninstall Ant, as I did with IDM, but that has not happened — so far.