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Peter Blaise

Strange, consider their “programming language speed’ ( actually, programming makes programs small, not fast ), but FolderClone is slow, and considering the vast 40+ years of PC backup experience in the industry, and the growth of artificial intelligence, FolderClone is surprisingly stupid, in that:

— the ‘wizard’ took forever to start creating a task ( I thought it locked up, and I was about to tank it ),

— then it took forever to copy an empty source directory ( yes, empty source folder ) … because FolderClone wanted to compare the source emptiness to the target, a target where I’ve been collecting now up to 1,500 root directories and 65,000 files, which DOS told me way quicker than FolderClone!

And, it doesn’t seem to offer deleting the source after successful comparison, that is, MOVE.

Especially for archive, where I want to delete older files from local user computers as the master remote backups become the more appropriate source for looking up old things.

And, digital asset management wise, I want to migrate music, movies, audiobooks, videos, photographs ( anything with copyrights to be managed ) to separate resource backups, eliminate duplicate scattered collections, and also free up space on local systems.

So, for me, it’s back to Microsoft’s free XCopy, RoboCopy, batch files, shortcuts for manual implementation, and scheduling for automatic implementation ( though RoboCopy will ‘watch’ source directories ).

For someone just trying to backup their users, here’s a one-liner from Robocopy:

robocopy c:\users f:\users /s /xo /xj /w:0 /r:0 /reg /eta /fp

If you ant to use the computer at the same time, add an IPG inter packet gap to -s-t-r-e-t-c-h- out the backup, letting you work in the foreground, here, 1 millisecond shares the user and backup a little, 10 milliseconds give the user more priority, and 100 milliseconds really -s-t-r-e-t-c-h- out the backup:

robocopy c:\users f:\users /s /xo /xj /w:0 /r:0 /reg /eta /fp /ipg:1

robocopy c:\users f:\users /s /xo /xj /w:0 /r:0 /reg /eta /fp /ipg:10

robocopy c:\users f:\users /s /xo /xj /w:0 /r:0 /reg /eta /fp /pg:100

Wanna move?

Add /MOVE:

robocopy c:\movies f:\movies /s /xo /xj /w:0 /r:0 /reg /eta /fp /pg:1 /move

This is why I’m surprised at the poor performance of FolderClone — it feels like a tired program from the 1980s in it’s first port to Windows 3.

Sorry, salty Brine programmers, but the computer generations have jumped and danced way past you.

Are you grooming yourself to be included in “and also includes free auto backup” to thumb drive manufacturers or something?