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Patrick Calcoen

Hi everyone,

Here no problems whatsoever… Downloaded, installed and registered in a jiffy.
I am running the program from a USB-stick as well as from my HD, but havent’s tried it on a third party machien (my mom’s desktop will serve as ‘lab’ day after tomorrow ;-)
Looks like a great program and I have high hopes re. it’s usefulness and (flawless?)functionality.
Still have to try out all those promissing tools though…

Thanks to Peter Goddard for workarounds.

I do miss supporting information that the developer could easily provide (most of it anyay):
– There is no stand alone comprehensive manual (not on the site, not in the ‘Help’ section’ of the program nor anywhere else.
– A FAQ-section might come in handy.
– Also there is no user group to turn to for giving and receiving ‘undocumented features’ information or on which users may start an interesting and relevant discussion.
– The 20 screenshots are a nice extra but can not serve as a manual.

I’m aware that this has little to do with the program itself. However, as I’m not a reviewer myself and no reviews address these “mancos”, I point them out here. Sorry if this is out of place.
I will submit these issues to the developers and see what they think of it.

Have a nice day & thanks for this promissing offer!