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Felix Crevat

The download, installation and registration worked fine for me. I’m in Canada, so I didn’t notice any country restriction. I did follow the separate registration link on the download page to register my email address and pwd – maybe some others missed that step and just installed the download?

So obviously the big plus here is 100 Gbytes lifetime storage (usual caveats: can be withdrawn at any time, no guarantee of privacy etc.). The big minus is that this uses Amazon Cold Storage with 3-5 hours retrieval time after you make the request, so it’s intended for archival storage only. Zoolz does offer an instant-access “Vault” option like other online storage services, but at extra cost. There’s no drag-and-drop with the basic archival service like you might be accustomed to with other online storage services – you must use their app and schedule background backups of the files and folders you want to save.

The Windows backup app will run on schedule automatically in the background if you enable it. It install one auto-start service and one startup program in Windows. Restore operations can be scheduled in the app, but you will have to wait 3-5 hours for the files to be restored, and you cannot schedule another restore for a different file or folder until the first one is done (unless you use the web app to retrieve another file).

There are mobile apps, but only useful for viewing what files are stored in your backup if you haven’t paid extra for the instant-access Vault option. They do offer a thumbnail preview of photos, but it will still take 3-5 hours to retrieve the actual photo.

You can use it on multiple computers, and there’s no restriction on file size. It will store up to 10 historical versions of the same file.

Overall a worthwhile service and offer, but don’t expect it to act like an online drive.