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I’m running Windows 7 and unable to install Task Manager 20/20 get error messages:
Download Hub cannot download file.
Error message: Setup can’t download installation files. Please check Network connection
Please click ‘Try Again’ to try again or click ‘Manual Download’ to manually download the file.
Location of download file: http://downloads.sharewareonsale.com/files/SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Task_Manager_2020.exe

click: ‘Try Again’
get: ‘above error message’
click:’Manual Download’
get: ‘Sorry for the trouble’, ‘We will fix this bug in SharewareOnSale Download”Until then then, enjoy Task Manager 20/20’
How??? and the count down keeps clicking… this is the third program I’ve tried to use: ‘WinExt Pro’ & ‘100GB lifetime cloud storage with Zoolz’ ran compatibility test in Windows 7 points toward programs