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Hi, Loaris Manager
me about 2 months Before use cracked windows and use giveaway site too!! after see giveaway site offer your program I get it in cracked windows but after a while, my program does not work good and sees the offer from Microsoft partner and get license windows 10 pro. I install your app in new original windows 10 pro and email to your team that full fix my program and send me the new code ( very thanks to your team because do not free support in this giveaway ). but after 10 days because I install some important cracked app in original windows and I do not the security of this’ windows block administrator from me and after 30 hours chat with Microsoft partner say me you must reinstall windows again . after that I reinstall windows. but I was so embarrassed to email again to send me a new code. after that and see offers from this site and I became very happy. but after installing the app and want to say new email get -13 day expired license .i see in this page comment see your feedback to the member can not active program for multi email in one PC . after all! please fix my error with your app .
old email: arsz3811@outlook.com new email: arsz3811@gmail.com
please delete any license from all account and delete the full account from arsz3811@gmail.com
and send me new one code to this email: arsz3811@outlook.com
with the following id : D514AD4F-2B8F-43DC-A982-33BC5F617087
thanks a lot from you and whole team