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I continue to get “Check your Internet Connection” when I attempt to get the Key. I have checked the Internet Connection and it is just fine; I downloaded the program, I have visited any website I choose, including Sharewareonsale.com and Loaris.com without issue. I also can download programs from the Internet, I can install them and register or activate them without issue, so if the program indicates that the user check their Internet Connection, but the user knows very well that it is just fine, then it looks bad for the software developer that is claiming otherwise. Therefore, this program’s error message is not correct. You should state exactly what the problem is in this case. I install programs on a regular basis without this issue, so the problem lies in Loaris software. After the failure, the program starts a Scan, but has no way to re-attempt to get the key without exiting and restarting. This also should be unnecessary.

In addition to the register/activate issues, this program has not worked very well for many users in the past. I decided to give it another try after deciding the program was not worth the effort it takes from the user a few years back. It is too bad that the program has not progressed since then.