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Jeff Matthews

I bought this software over a year ago on one of these software special deals and the software is set to expire very soon.. However, what bothered me is that Heimdal sent me an email informing me that they are going to Auto-renew the software in 7 days if i do not respond to the email and it will cost me $70.
I hardly ever check the email that they sent the email to and if i hadn’t just happened to check – it would have auto renewed without my express permission. Not a very honorable business strategy and it has made me very leery about ever purchasing their software again.
Mind you the software itself seemed Ok – it’s just i didn’t care for the sneaky renewal process. (where i have to opt out from renewing.) If you are going to purchase their software make sure you use a one time use credit card so you can prevent the 70 dollar auto rebill. Or at least keep a close watch on your email account in a year from now.