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Jan, Clipà.Vu

Dear [@Quach Phat Thang],

First of all thousands greeting to Ho Chi Minh city, I was there 6 months ago, I love Vietnam, it is a wonderful country!
Secondly, please note support@clipa.vu email address. We will always assist you there – both on technical or licensing questions.
Yes, you can re-install in the future, you can install new versions for free for the next 365 days on the same computer. The only limitation of the giveaway license is that after the campaign is over you will not be able to activate the program on another computer.
Yes, our software is able to detect some bigger changes in your computer hardware but it should be able to handle it automatically and will continue working. In case you bump into any problems simply write to above given email address.

All the best
Jan, Clipà.Vu