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Hello again Jan,

I already have reached that 10.000 limit with the previous SoS-offer in 2016! :) I guess in 4 months (heavy use ;)
I would really like to buy it. It’s that great, but the limit is a …limitation for me personally.
Now I use ClipCache Pro. Benefit of this program there’s no limit and I can make as much folders as I want (to sort things out by topic. Would love to see this in Clipà.Vu !!)

Ps: I understand the possible performance-problems with large databases and as I say: 10.000 is correct for average a home/kitchen-user I guess. But for me, personally, I have a very high performance workstation and would like to see an option in the settings for a little tweaking into ‘unlimited’ for and clips, favorites and images ;) Let’s say: limited by storage only ;)

Best regards