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Ps: dear Jan,

To make a comparison: suppose, if for example Evernote offer a coded maximum limit for let’s say 500 notes/clippings in a month (even in their Premium formula)… that would be ok for a (nice?) part of their users. But on the other hand: as a heavy user who clips for example 150 (or more!) clips a day … than the system is not quite future-proof for this type of users ;) Therefore I have to stop using Clipà.Vu , but what I can assure you: with A LOT of pain in the heart (and soul;) Like the look and feel of Clipà.Vu A LOT! Making folders with all your topics to sort clippings and no limits for clips/images/favo’s and I’m back in before you can even count to … 2! :)))) Make my day! (and with me, undoubtedly this from many other users ;))